What will a High Impact Website Design do for Your Business?

Lead clients to your business
Increase sales
Increase your brand reach and recognition
Decrease customer service time

Your high-impact website

Your website is your single most important marketing asset, so getting a website design to give you maximum impact is a vital step to attracting more clients.

Your site is the primary place people discover you, and where they go to find out more about you. It is where they’ll see your services and make the decision to get in touch. The campaigns you run in social media, advertising and email will all lead people back to your website.

So it’s vital you get your website right.

Website design for a small business in Geelong
Not for profit web design

Inbound marketing strategy

For a simple inbound marketing strategy to work effectively, your website must:

  • Make the right impression with a good design that supports your brand
  • Build trust and position yourself with your central message
  • Be found in search engines by your target market
  • Provide landing pages that convert traffic from promotional campaigns
  • Use incentives to get the contact details of potential clients.

The Website Design Process

An initial one-on-one meeting will be held to help us determine the nature of your business, your needs and your goals.

Based on the information learned during the Discovery Session our team of experts will Design & Build a website that is perfect for your needs and goals.

Not a tech-head? Don’t worry, we have you sorted. Our team will publish your website on to the internet for the whole world to see.

Need to make adjustments to your website but don’t have the time or expertise? We offer a complete website management solution so that you can focus on running your business.

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Proudly based in Geelong

We are a Geelong web design agency, serving clients Australia-wide.

We’re proud to be involved with and support local organisations such as:

… and many others.

We also provide training at many free, low-cost and cheap events around Geelong, the Bellarine and Surfcoast, to build knowledge in the region around best-practice online marketing.

Maybe we’ll see you around?

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    Website Design For Professional Services

    If you are a professional working independently or running a business, a good quality website is important in getting new clients. Many people, particularly the young, go straight to Google as soon as they need a lawyer, accountant or any other service. The peak of the phonebook has long since passed. Here are some ideas on website design for professional services.
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    Website Design For Start-Ups

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    Website Design For Small Businesses

    For a long time, small businesses could hold out on getting a webpage. Now, small business who either lack a webpage or have an outdated page are missing out on potential customers . In a lot of situations, it could be costing the business a lot more in lost sales than the cost of either constructing or maintaining a modern page. Here are some simple tips to consider to make sure that your webpage is effective in representing your business and bringing in more clients. Of course, the exact needs of a business will differ, but these general ideas can help with website design for small businesses.
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    Website Design For Life Coaches

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    Website Design For Software Companies

    Website Design For Software Companies

    There is a large variance in website design choices for software companies and it all depends on the type of software as well as the market. If the company is a software giant, their website needs will obviously be different to a start-up or a niche software company. Likewise if the focus is on business-to-business or business to customer sales. Software as a service will also have divergent needs to software as a product. Here are some general ideas to consider in website design for software companies.
    Website Design Building and Construction

    Website Design For Building and Construction

    It is a simple fact of 2016 that businesses in almost every industry need a website to be able to market themselves effectively, find a wider client base and increase their revenue. The building and construction industry is no different. Many people, particularly the young, will consult Google when they have a problem or need something.
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    Online Store Website Design

    When you’re an online web store, your website design must make it easy for customers to do business with you. There are already challenges to shopping online, such as not being able to see a product in person. So, for those who dare to buy things on the web, they want an experience that’s worth it.

    Website Design for Recruitment and Employment Agencies

    Recruitment and employment agencies have specific needs when it comes to web design. These types of companies seek out two specific kinds of visitors, job seekers and businesses hiring workers, which means that their websites should be designed by someone experienced in addressing these visitors. From the moment these two potential customers visit your recruitment and employment agency’s website, they must be able to easily find out how they’re needs will be met in terms of finding a job or filling one.

    Website Design for Travel and Tourism

    If you have a travel and tourism business, it’s important that you hire a web designer who knows how to create for your industry. A travel and tourism company has many unique and specific needs, and the designer you choose to build your website should know how to create a product that meets those needs. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to web design. Each business’ website must speak something about the company and speak to the company’s customers. For a travel and tourism business, the way in which the website speaks will be different from that of a school, non-profit, or apparel business.

    Website Design for Fashion Brands

    It can be difficult for a fashion brand to stand out from the crowd, because clothing companies are a dime a dozen. This means that if you have a fashion brand and are creating a website to showcase your line, everything about your clothing is going to need to have some kind of wow factor. Luring in potential customers to your brand, and keeping current ones coming back for more of your apparel, doesn't mean you have to do anything flashy or sell yourself as something you’re not. It does, however, suggest that your brand’s website must tell, in an instant, why someone would want to spend money on your clothing.

    Website Design For Schools

    If you’re in charge of creating your school’s website, there are certain things that you’ll want to take into consideration. School websites have unique needs and they serve a specific purpose, so their design must address these needs and purposes. Prospective students, and their parents, often carefully study school websites to determine if the entire school atmosphere is one that they feel good about. This means, that your website design has the power to sway some someone toward choosing your school or send them away to pick another. Even if your school is a public school and local kids from the area are assigned to you, you’ll best serve them and their families if you can provide valuable information throughout the school year on your website.