Website Design For Life Coaches

Website Design For Life Coaches

A life coach needs a top-of-the-line website to help sell their brand and their services.  In such a cutthroat industry, both image and substance are particularly important to attracting and keeping clients.  Self-promotion is an essential aspect, so content needs to be added continually to the website to connect with clients.  Website design for life coaches can be a confusing process, so here are some tips to optimise it.

Home Page

The home page for a life coach needs to sell the branding and services as quickly as possible so that a potential client will look through the rest of the website.  It needs to be visually appealing and attractive, including testimonials and the unique points of difference from the competition.


Branding is key in the life coaching industry.  The websites of the competition are filled with slogans and specific jargon that set them apart from each other.  If you really want to distance yourself from the competition and stick in people’s minds, you need to come up with a cohesive brand.  This can include a range of things; from slogans to specific words or techniques, to a logo and colour scheme.  Understand your target market and brand yourself in a way that appeals to them.  If you want to appeal to twenty-years-olds, your branding and marketing strategies will need to be very different to if baby-boomers are your target.

Case Studies

A page dedicated to case studies is necessary to show the product or services in action.  They need to show a transformation that would inspire a potential client to join with the life coach.  A good story that demonstrates the positive change and value that a client could get from using the service will help to convince potential customers.


Just as important as case studies are testimonials.  People are much more trusting of words from happy customers than they are of those from people within the business.  Good quality testimonials can give validity to your services and help to increase sales.

About Me

A stimulating About Me section is crucial for a life coaching website.  Potential clients want to see that the coach is successful in life, because if a life coach can’t sort out their own problems, how can they help to fix someone else’s?  The About Me section should include past achievements, adversity that has been surmounted and a story of the coach’s rise to success.


The services of a life coach can differ from things like one-on-one coaching, group classes, seminars, eBooks and more.  It is important to list the exact services and products that are offered, how they differ from the competition and what value they will deliver to the client.  To help with boosting sales, it is important that clients are clear about how the product will help them and how it can give them something that they want.  If you offer seminars or classes, setting up an events calendar is a great way to advertise them and let people know when things are happening.


Blogging is very popular with life coaches.  It is an effective way for them to continually connect with their client base and also to market their ideas, products and services.  A blog full of useful tips can help to attract more people into paying for your other services.


Posting regular videos or hosting a Youtube channel can be another great way to connect with an audience.  A significant portion of people are better at learning through videos rather than reading, so it can help you reach a demographic that would have otherwise skipped over your information.

Email Newsletter

Email newsletters are another popular way that life coaches can get their message through to people.  Catchy and intriguing subject titles can ensure that more people open them, while concise, informative and engaging content will keep them reading.  They can also include offers for products, services or discounts in order to help entice people into making purchases.


A good contact page is important so that people can contact you and your business with any potential queries or if they would like to make purchases.  The page doesn’t have to feature a lot of information, just reliable ways that people can make contact, such as email, phone numbers, social media and office addresses.  It may also be a good idea to mention office hours or hours that your business is able to take calls.

Build Your Business

Having a well designed and effective website is a vital way to bring in more customers and build your business.

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