Website Design For Small Business

Website Design For Small Businesses

For a long time, small businesses could hold out on getting a webpage.  Now, small business who either lack a webpage or have an outdated page are missing out on potential customers .  In a lot of situations, it could be costing the business a lot more in lost sales than the cost of either constructing or maintaining a modern page.  Here are some simple tips to consider to make sure that your webpage is effective in representing your business and bringing in more clients.  Of course, the exact needs of a business will differ, but these general ideas can help with website design for small businesses.


Above all else, you need to make it clear what your company does and what it does best.  Tell your customers the specifics of what you do or sell and highlight points of difference from your competitors.  If your company has higher quality products, better quality service or is known to go the extra mile, make sure that your customer is aware.

Case Studies

Particularly if you are a small business that offers services, having a case study of your previous work can be a great way to appeal to new customers.  If you are a tradesmen, some pictures and a few words to describe one of your past jobs can be excellent in convincing people to use your services.  If you do something else, find a way that you can show off your great work.  If possible, include a visual element, because this makes things more appealing to people.


Get a quote from one of your previous clients and put it on the page.  This can be a great way of getting customers to trust your business, particularly if the person is well-known and respected within the community.  Their words vouching for your product or service can do a whole lot more than your words alone.

About Us

Include some information about your business’ current situation as well as its background and history.  Customers like to be able to familiarise themselves with a business, so this can be a great way to get them to trust you.  Don’t forget to include any awards or special achievements that you or your company may have received in the past.


A blog can be time consuming and expensive for a small business to operate, but it can also be beneficial.  If you or someone you know are a capable writer, feel free to do some research and try it yourself.  If you aren’t confident, consider hiring a professional service or a freelancer.  It can be cheaper than you might think.  A good blog can help you engage with your customers and also keep you at the top of the search engine rankings.


Like blogging, a newsletter can be a great way to keep up with your community.  You can even recycle some of the blog’s content.  To make a newsletter that is effective in bringing you more business, make sure that it has a snappy title and also include some offers or discounts to entice your customers.


Keeping updated contact information is pretty straightforward.  Don’t miss out on business by letting people call up your old office number.  Keep your email, phone number, social media, address and operating hours accurate.

If you own a small business and need a new website or a website makeover, contact us or have a look at our website design page.

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