Website Design For Startups

Website Design For Start-Ups

A strong web presence is important for any start-up that wants to expand quickly.  The fastest way to disseminate information is through the internet.  If you want your company to be innovative and  grow fast, having a cutting edge website is an important starting point.  Here are some tips on website design dor start-ups.

Landing Page

The landing page is the most important for any business, however it is even more crucial for a start-up, particularly if the business is not yet well-known or people are unfamiliar with the services.  A landing page needs to be visually appealing, but also get enough information across to make people want to keep going through the site.  You need to be selective of what information you include and where you put it.  Walls of text will kill your page and users will hit the back button instantly.  Choose what you think are the most important details; the things that will appeal to and entice customers.  You need to think from the customers’ perspective and highlight what they would want, or the value that they could get out of your product.  Give them just enough information to be interested in your product and to want to visit the other pages.  Scroll down pages are also an option, so that the customers don’t have to click away to get more information.


Thoughtful branding is imperative for any business that wants to expand rapidly.  The company needs a consistent name, logo, complete set of values, design scheme and strategy if they want to have a broad consumer appeal.  They need a thorough understanding of their target audience and to tailor their strategy appropriately.  If the values of the company and the audience do not align, the business will struggle to gain a foothold in the market even if it has an effective product or service.


Knowing your audience or target market is essential for any brand.  It is important in all stages of a business, from research and development of new products, to marketing and advertising them.  If you don’t already understand your audience, you may want to do some market research so that you can tailor your business strategy, products and advertising to suit their needs.

Products or Services

It is important that your website demonstrates exactly what you do.  You need to creatively use text, pictures and perhaps video to show off your products and services .  Illustrate the value that your company can bring to an end user and perhaps, depending on your business strategy, illustrate the key points to potential investors.  It is important to mix quality products with strong branding and differentiation from the competition.  This combination can help you stand out in the market.


Having an effective and informative blog is important for engaging with your existing and potential customers.  You can give them interesting industry information, or just details, tips or tricks on your own products.  In an age where content is king, maintaining a blog that appeals to your audience is important for connecting with your market.

If your start-up needs a new website, contact us or visit our website design page.

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