Website Design For Professional Services

Website Design For Professional Services

If you are a professional working independently or running a business, a good quality website is important in getting new clients.  Many people, particularly the young, go straight to Google as soon as they need a lawyer, accountant or any other service.  The peak of the phonebook has long since passed.  Here are some ideas on website design for professional services.


The most important aspect of your website will be the services page.  If someone comes across it, it’s because they are looking at having something done for them.  List the range of services that you or your firm offer so that a potential client can easily see if you can help them or not.  A list or dot points can work fine, because this information doesn’t need too much detail.

Our Team or About Me

Having quick profiles of you or your team can help customers decide to use your services.  People like to familiarise themselves with businesses and feel like they will receive personal service, so having short biographies with a picture can be a great way for them to make that connection.  Remember to include their qualifications and also any special achievements that might seem relevant.

Case Studies or Testimonials

Many potential clients will want to see your previous work or hear from past customers.  Seeing a prior success or hearing from a satisfied customer can give them a lot more confidence in your business than the same words coming from an employee.  It is important to be able to demonstrate your abilities and show how you can solve a customer’s problems.  A strong testimonial can be a powerful tipping point for a customer to choose you over the competition.

Location and Office Hours

Because most customers will want to use professional services that are nearby to them, it is important to clearly show your location.  The suburb is enough for most parts of your web page, but a full address should also be easy to find.  Include your business hours as well, so that customers know when they can drop in and visit or make a call.

Contact Information

Keep your contact page updated with all of your latest details, including phone numbers, email and street addresses.  If any of the information is out of date, it’s an easy way to lose business.


If you want to be at the top of the pagerank for your area, keeping a frequently updated blog is a great way to move your site up the ranks.  Search engines like fresh content that features keywords, so a long term blogging strategy can help your business become higher on Google’s results page.  Write about industry related topics and give readers free tips.  Staying connected with your audience is a great way to keep your old clients and bring in more.

Email Newsletter

Another way to keep up with your clients is to keep an email list.  Sending out a weekly or monthly newsletter can put your business fresh in the minds of clients and hopefully help you get repeat business.  If you give them a punchy subject line and offer your customers news and deals, it can help bring in people who were previously unsure of your services.

This was a guest post by Jaroslava Vagner Svensson, Web designer at Website Adelaide

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