Why use a local web developer?

What have you been waiting for?

If you are sitting there wondering why you still don’t have a killer website for your business, don’t worry.  You probably just didn’t know who to hire because your friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s cousin does websites and they cost virtually nothing and you were thinking of giving them a go but…

Here is the deal.  You need a professional, local web design and digital marketing agency for the following reasons.

Your website is an investment, and is there to achieve specific business objectives.  You want to use a trusted and reputable company who know about business and marketing, as well as design, and who you know are going to be there for the long run.

When you use a local company, you can meet with them, discuss your goals and ideas and get a feeling for whether or not they get it, and are on the same page.  This is effective communication and is one of the keys to your success and to the relationship building that you want with the folks who are creating the face of your business online.

What’s more, if you call them up or send them an email, they are there, to respond and help.  Cannot be said for the friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s cousin, great guy that he is.  Or for that matter, the off shore option which was the other idea you had.  Working with someone in the same time zone has so many logistical and communication advantages.

If you’ve had some dealings with an agency or met them in person you will also get a feel for their values and the way they do business so you’ll know if they are a good fit for you. You can also get an understanding of their commitment to customer service.  Ongoing support is important, especially as your business expands and your needs change.

If your website is developed locally it will reflect an understanding of the local culture and business environment.  A local developer has a lot more in common with you.  They are part of the community, keen to support other local businesses and reliant on word of mouth and a good reputation. Ask around, lots of people have found out the hard way, when their contractor disappeared after the initial contract was met or stopped returning calls after the down payment was received.

Choc Chip Digital has been in business in the Geelong area since 2003 and has built its reputation helping hundreds of local businesses, big and small, achieve return on their website investment.  Choc Chip’s website development and digital marketing team are a professional bunch.  Why not get in touch to see how we can help you take your business to the next level.


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