Hi everyone we’ve got a new site!

So I’ve you’ve been to the choc chip site of late you will have noticed that we’ve been pretty quite on the blog front over the last few months. Well it hasn’t been because we’ve been lazy. we’ve actually been very busy indeed! This last few months we’ve been working on this brand new site and now it’s finally done.

Who who have thought it would take a while for a digital agency to redesign their own website!

So why did we go to all the trouble of creating a new site when our old one was serviceable? (can you see where I’m going with this???). Because merely ‘serviceable’ isn’t good enough! When it comes to your website you should be projecting the best of you in the clearest fashion. As your business changes it’s critical that your website changes with it. Further more as design trends change and that canary yellow that was ‘so in‘ last season quickly becomes ‘YUCK’! in the public eye you need to have the flexibility to change with the times.

Your website is your single most important marketing asset

We’ve said it before and we will say it again, your website is your single most important marketing asset. It’s controls and influences what people think when your businesses name comes up in conversation. If someone visits your site and has a bad experience, or is left with a bad taste in their mouth what do you think they will think of your business?

We’d like to think that people are impartial to this kind of thing but unfortunately they are not! It’s simply the way of the world to make judgments about everything we see. So what judgement do you want people to make when they visit your site, “Wow these guys are great, let’s use them!” or “Ewww this site is horrible, these guys mustn’t be very professional or any good, let’s check out the next site in the search results“?

So if your website is getting tired an old take a leaf from Choc Chip’s book and give us a call on 5234 5360 or email us info@chocchip.com.au to discuss how we can help improve your online presence.