Should I try and build my own website?

It’s a great question and one we hear a lot at Choc Chip Digital.  If it’s that easy and cheap to make your own site why isn’t everyone doing it?

Wix & Weebly present ‘do it yourself’ cheap and easy platforms for creating your own website.  They offer the non-technically savvy, a drag and drop option at a low price, sounds enticing doesn’t it, so what’s the catch?

One of the things a good website does is create new business opportunities by drawing in new clients.  This is largely the point of having a website.  A website isn’t just a fancy online backdrop for your business, it needs to be a powerful online marketing tool that increases your profits and raises your businesses profile.  So Weeby and Wix make it easy for you to add your own content and pages but the real question is are you doing it in the most effective way?

The problem with trying to develop your own site is that although you may manage to create something attractive, as we all know by now, looks aren’t everything.  A website designer and marketing officer with 15 years’ experience are expert in creating such business tools and marketing platforms that help businesses perform.  They also have a strong understanding of visual design principals and how they influence the way we interact with content.  A designer understands such things as word count and how it will affect the length of time a user stays on a page.  In a nutshell, if your prospective customers only spend short amounts of time engaging with your site before they leave altogether, the job hasn’t been done.  A professional website developer will get your site found in the first place as well as creating pathways for users to become customers.

This leads nicely to our second point, what’s going to happen when your site breaks?  Let’s face it websites can be tricky things.  The internet is constantly changing and things go wrong for seemly inconceivable reasons.  The question is, when your site breaks who are you going to call?   How long will it take for Wix to help?   Wix are all about making the sale and equipping you with the tools so that they can be as distant as possible.  At times like this it’s critical that you can call sometime to fix your issue quickly.  For this reason, having a relationship with your designer goes a long way to ensuring your site is always at its best.

Don’t get yourself knee-deep before you find out you’re stuck.  If you develop a site yourself and decide later to try and move it, you’ll be out of luck.  If you want a different hosting option for example, you’ll have to start from scratch.  Even if you want to change your template, you’ll have to begin again.

Choc Chip Digital has helped thousands of businesses of all shapes and sizes achieve digital success. We are here to take the headache out of getting you a great web presence while at the same time providing you the peace of mind that if something goes wrong it’s handled.

For more information about website design why don’t you check out our website design page, fill out a contact form or give us a call on (03) 5273 0100 to organize a free consultation. We will also give you a free cookie if you want one!