How getting to number #1 in Google is just the first step!

How getting to number #1 in Google is just the first step!

Yesterday afternoon we had a fantastic meeting with Christopher Llyod Clarke from

Christopher is the leading provider (and composer) of guided meditation music around the world. Christopher’s site had more then 1,000 backlinks and ranks for over 2.1K organic keywords. That’s incredible! While we are harping on, (get it!) about how good Christopher is, it wouldn’t be fair not to do some name dropping. Christopher’s work has even featured on Oprah and National Geographic… wow.

So why am I raving on so much about Christopher and his work? Well it’s because even though Christopher’s site ranks #1 for the majority of his keywords he’s stretching himself and his business by exploring exploring marketing opportunities with Choc Chip Digital. You see being number #1 is great, but why stop there? Christopher understands something few of us are willing to learn, that is that it’s good to grow, it’s good to put yourself in uncomfortable places so you learn and experience new things, and taking a chance is sometimes the only way to grow!

Just some food (like a cookie) for thought.

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