Office Closed Over Christmas Break

Thank you all to everyone for what has been another amazing year of digital success stories here at Choc Chip Digital. We’ve met new friends and continued to deepen relationships with old ones.
Through it all I’ve been continually reminded of how blessed we are to work with such amazing people, so on behalf of the Choc Chip team thank you!

Just quickly I wanted to share two things with you.

#1 Discount: First of all it’s not too late to get work done in 2017! In fact January 2018 is already getting pretty full! To help you get things wrapped up before Christmas we are offering a 15% discount off website design and development work. If you want to learn more you can check out the video on our site
#2 Office Closed: Lastly our office will be closed from Saturday 23rd Dec 2017 to Sunday the 7th of Jan 2018, returning to work again on Monday the 8th of January 2018. If during this period you need immediate assistance you can email This email account will be monitored during this period.

Well that’s it from me! Thank you again for being amazing and continuing to sow into us as we sow into you 🙂

God bless, merry Christmas and a happy new year!

The Choc Chip Digital Team

Now Offering Video Production!


Choc Chip Digital is now offering video production services!

We’ve been very busy these last 3 months working behind the scenes and now we are ready to reveal our brand new service offering, video production!

Watch the video to see some of our latest work.

To learn more about how video production can enhance your business be sure to get in contact with us here at Choc Chip Digital by calling our office on 1800 808 841 or by emailing



Free Website Support Package

We’re looking for a new Digital Producer! Could that be you?

Choc Chip Digital is looking for a new Digital Producer!


Exciting news. We are looking for a new Digital Producer to join our team here @ Choc Chip Digital!

Salary $60-70K based on candidate’s experience. Position based in our Geelong office.

If you, or you know someone who has experience managing web design, digital design or video production projects and teams and loves client relationship engagement and management apply using the link below!



The successful candidate will have a working knowledge of internet services, graphic/web design principals, video production management, excellent communication, a creative mind, interpersonal skills and a proven track record of building and managing both production teams and client relationships.

The Digital Producer is the key liaison between clients and the Choc Chip Digital Production Team. The Digital Producer is responsible for managing projects from initial client meetings, planning sessions, wireframing all the through to product delivery and post production support periods. Managing the Production Team and ensuring all deadlines and completed on time, with fantastic results for our clients, is the key objective of this role.

The Choc Chip Digital office is a dynamic and fast paced environment, the successful candidate will demonstrate an ability to prioritise tasks and complete tasks to a high quality within tight time frames, all the while providing outstanding communication and updates to our clients.

Choc Chip Digital is a leading Geelong digital agency. We have been specialising is outrageously effective online marketing, stunning website design, engaging video production and focused branding and logo design for over 15 years. We are a fun, dynamic and tightknit team who love what we do and share a love for all things digital… and Game of Thrones of course.

This position is full time for 40 hours per week based at our Marshal office location in Geelong, Victoria. Note this position does not have the scope to be worked remotely, an ‘in office’ presence is essential.

This position has an annual salary between $60,000 – $70,000 depending on the experience and qualifications of the applicant, with the opportunity to increase based on strong performance through an annual review structure.


Core responsibilities of the Digital Producer include:

  • Manage the production schedule of current web/video/marketing and design projects coordinating both internal and external production teams, including assigning, tracking and managing tickets through Wrike project tracking software.
  • Liaise between clients and the Production Team and Marketing Coordinator on all matters including design research, project planning, wireframing, design processes, scheduling, resolving issues and invoicing.
  • Manage office phone and email communications including taking incoming calls and directing them to the appropriate team members.
  • Coordinate and direct clients enquires and the resolution of issues through the management of the Production Team.
  • Management of client relationships and project production from the facilitation of the initial planning meeting all the way through to the post production review.
  • Understand and track the services delivered to clients including liaising with the Marketing Coordinator.
  • Add and edit basic website content, including text and images to WordPress sites (minimal work)
  • Track billable work and invoicing through Quick Books Online
  • Provide administration support to the Director and the Production Team
  • Complete other work as directed and negotiated with the Employer

Technical Skills

The successful applicant will demonstrate:

  • Broad understanding of internet services
  • Working understanding of graphic / web design principles
  • Working understanding of video design principles
  • Broad understanding of DNS (A Records, Name Servers, CNAME records, MX records).
  • Experience in configuring email clients like Outlook and Thunderbird.
  • Basic understanding of WordPress.
  • Basic knowledge of server environments (Cpanel, FTP, File Manager, PhpMyAdmin).
  • Basic knowledge of server types (shared, dedicated, VPS ect).
  • Working knowledge of Wrike project tracking software or similar project management software.

General Skills

The successful applicant will have:

  • Strong communication skills.
  • Strong problem solving skills.
  • The ability to delegation
  • A positive attitude.
  • A flexible approach to coordinating work in light of new and emerging priorities.


The successful applicant will demonstrate experience:

  • Managing client relationships. (essential)
  • Managing digital / video production teams (essential)
  • Managing communications. (essential)
  • Coordinating a small team (desirable).
  • Working in the IT industry- Minimum 12 months. (desirable).
  • Working within Wrike or alternative project tracking software (desirable).
  • Working with Quick Books Online or alternative accounting software (desirable).

This is an exciting opportunity to build your career with exposure across a wide variety of marketing and design channels. Please submit all applications via Seek including a current resume and cover letter addressing the criteria listed above.

Due to the dynamic and ‘front facing’ nature of this role we want to get a feel for the personality and character of all applicants and ask that you film a quick video 1-2 minute introducing yourself and why you are the best person for the role. Simply use your phone, upload to YouTube or Vimeo and include the link in your application. This video is a casual introduction and will not be reviewed based on its visual or production quality, it’s simply a way to get to know you.

Applications close 14th of September 2017.

If you have any further questions about this role and it’s requirements please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 5234 5360 or emailing

1800 808 841

Happy permanent residency Riz!

Today we celebrated Riz’s permanent residency! We are incredibility blessed to have Riz in our team. Your website’s look amazing and your custom features work seamlessly because of this guys leadership and skill!

Website Design 2018 Internship Aplications Now Open!

Designers with Designers!

Need a fresh look for your house? You should talk to Katrina from #DesignAndDecorate as well as visiting the brand new site we developed for her!

Design & Decorate Interiors has been meeting the interior decoration needs of Geelong clients for more than 30 years. An accredited industry expert, Katrina will work with local suppliers and other professionals to help you create the home that you desire


Choc Chip ranked in the top 10 SEO services worldwide!

Top 10 SEO Companies Wordwide!

This morning released it’s July 2017 figures and guess who ranked in the top 10 SEO companies worldwide??? Yep, that would be Choc Chip Digital. We are super excited about this achievement and the quality of our services. Every day we help ordinary businesses achieve extra ordinary results through digital marketing and we are delighted to be recongnised for this on the world stage.

So if you own a business or know someone who does why not give us a call at Choc Chip Digital to find out how our globally recognised services can help take your business to the next level!


6 Ways A Website Designer Can Screw You Over!

Have you every been screwed over by a website designer or design agency? Given the complexities of the internet it’s so easy for design agencies to try and pull the wool over your eyes and squeeze extra money out of you. Well not here at Choc Chip Digital! Rather we want to empower you with the knowledge of how you can avoid these traps and get the most out of your projects!

For more information on how we can help you why don’t you send us an email at, fill out our contact form or call us on 03 5234 5360.

Why are clients leaving my site, it’s your hosting!

15 Must Have Items For Your Small Business Website

#2 Hosting

“My website’s running slow what’s the best way to speed it up?”

This is a question we hear every day here at Choc Chip Digital and while there are a bunch of technical  things we can do to the website using our superhero genius nerd powers, at the end of the day the major limiting factor is your website’s hosting.

The speed of your website largely comes down to the quality of your hosting. So what makes good hosting ‘good’?

  1. Servers based in Australia. The closer your sever is to the person using your website the shorter the signal line, this means the connection is quicker!
  2. Servers with a limited number of sites on them. Every site sits on a computer somewhere in the world and all of these sites share that computer’s resources. The smaller the number of sites on that server the more resources there have to share, the faster the site.
  3. A dedicated server just for your site. If your site is the only site on that computer then you have 100% of the resources that computer has to offer. This makes a faster site!
  4. Well maintained servers. Servers are like woman’s handbags… the longer they are used the more rubbish accumulates at the bottom of them, effecting the quality and serviceability of the handbag / server. Having a team of dedicated professionals with hands on the server infrastructure makes all the different to a servers health and performance.

So maybe it’s time that you started asking some questions of the people that host your website. If it’s Godaddy or Crazydomains (the cheapest and nastiest hosting you can get under the sun) ask them why their servers are based in India, and why your site is one of 10,000 on that server, and who is actually servicing that computer???

At the end of the day you want your website to be running as fast and as safe as it can so that your users get the best experience. Here at Choc Chip Digital we run high quality servers based in Melbourne, running a limited numbers of sites per server, with a local Geelong team of 5 people managing them daily (one of their names George). So if you want to speed up your site and improve your customer experience why not go local and give us a call on 03 5234 5360. You can also learn more about our hosting by vising our hosting services page here. Or if you want to email us you can do that to by emailing

Thanks for reading!