Why are clients leaving my site, it’s your hosting!

15 Must Have Items For Your Small Business Website

#2 Hosting

“My website’s running slow what’s the best way to speed it up?”

This is a question we hear every day here at Choc Chip Digital and while there are a bunch of technical  things we can do to the website using our superhero genius nerd powers, at the end of the day the major limiting factor is your website’s hosting.

The speed of your website largely comes down to the quality of your hosting. So what makes good hosting ‘good’?

  1. Servers based in Australia. The closer your sever is to the person using your website the shorter the signal line, this means the connection is quicker!
  2. Servers with a limited number of sites on them. Every site sits on a computer somewhere in the world and all of these sites share that computer’s resources. The smaller the number of sites on that server the more resources there have to share, the faster the site.
  3. A dedicated server just for your site. If your site is the only site on that computer then you have 100% of the resources that computer has to offer. This makes a faster site!
  4. Well maintained servers. Servers are like woman’s handbags… the longer they are used the more rubbish accumulates at the bottom of them, effecting the quality and serviceability of the handbag / server. Having a team of dedicated professionals with hands on the server infrastructure makes all the different to a servers health and performance.

So maybe it’s time that you started asking some questions of the people that host your website. If it’s Godaddy or Crazydomains (the cheapest and nastiest hosting you can get under the sun) ask them why their servers are based in India, and why your site is one of 10,000 on that server, and who is actually servicing that computer???

At the end of the day you want your website to be running as fast and as safe as it can so that your users get the best experience. Here at Choc Chip Digital we run high quality servers based in Melbourne, running a limited numbers of sites per server, with a local Geelong team of 5 people managing them daily (one of their names George). So if you want to speed up your site and improve your customer experience why not go local and give us a call on 03 5234 5360. You can also learn more about our hosting by vising our hosting services page here. Or if you want to email us you can do that to by emailing info@chocchip.com.au.

Thanks for reading!

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