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Infusionsoft is well known as one of the world’s leading systems for Marketing Automation.

This is web-based management software for people who take content marketing and lead generation seriously. The power it gives you is that it helps you plan and implement various campaigns in just about any form you can imagine – from the basics of contact forms, to lead magnets, to birthday reminders, to introduction emails sent automatically after you meet someone face-to-face at a networking event.

Using your Infusionsoft account you can organise and manage:

  • All your clients and contacts through a full CRM database
  • Automated responses when a person performs an action like filling in a form or attending an event
  • Lead magnets
  • Tracking statistics for your website and blog posts
  • Key social media platforms
  • Automated email campaigns
  • Paid membership areas
  • Ecommerce sales

Beyond just attracting new leads, Infusionsoft’s campaign builder helps you nurture them into clients and retain those who you already work with. You can set up emails and other actions to be sent to segments of your list based on just about any scenario, with a sophisticated map guiding the relationship through every possible stage.

It also has many extensions and integrates neatly with a swag of other online services to make it a very complete system that can handle almost every part of your business.

(If you have no idea what Infusionsoft is, see a demo.)

We strongly recommend Infusionsoft as you become more sophisticated with content marketing online, as it gives you a single place to organise, track, and automate the many pieces of the puzzle.

  • Training

    Make the most of your Infusionsoft CRM

  • Consulting

    Advice on how to best utilise Infusionsoft in your marketing

  • Campaign setup

    We can set up and monitor your campaigns for you

  • Corporate training

    Get more value from your team as they use Infusionsoft

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