So, you’ve got a great website up and running, and you’re sitting near the phone waiting for the flow of enquiries to start.

Instead: silence.

Maybe a cricket even chirps, just to rub it in.

The truth is, in today’s world a website on its own will not be seen by your potential clients. It needs activity it to get it in front of people.

Having a website without doing promotion is like printing thousands of brochures … and leaving them sitting in your garage.

Or putting up a giant billboard … in your own back yard.

Get your website seen by more of your ideal clients! We use a proven content marketing approach across advertising, social media, SEO (to be found in Google), email and remarketing.

These activities drive your business in front of more people. And not just everyone – strategic online marketing allows us to target only those people that are your ideal clients, so that your business is seen by the exact right people.

Because what is marketing really about? It’s about getting enquiries – so your phone rings, your inbox is full and you have a waiting list that will allow you to grow your business to where you want it to be.

The ultimate result is a steady stream of new clients.

Can you picture the impact that will have on your business?

Plan to be effective online

An effective digital marketing program delivers you more enquiries – and takes you from where you are now to where you need to be.

Firstly, you need to clarify who you are and what you offer; next, you must look at your audience and their needs. Where these two connect is where your services meet the most important needs of your clients.

Building on this base, we create a program that uses the “3 Ps” of the Digital Impact Strategy to give you everything you need.

Do you have a logo and branding? A website? Social media profiles and strategy? Lead magnets and landing pages? We fill in the gaps and boost your assets to ensure a streamlined and holistic program, providing your business with the leads you need to make growth easy.

Your goals define the activity we perform to get you there.

The sky is the limit. Book in a consultation today

Strategy includes:

  • Position

    Identify target audience and your unique value

  • Sitrep

    Audit or review of current online activities

  • Social media

    Plan your social media content and posting strategy

  • Blogging

    Create a blogging (or other content creation) schedule

  • Success

    Set goals and plan how to measure success

What clients say

“During the mentoring session, James with his rich knowledge on web design, social media and online marketing, took us by the hand, answered all our questions, brain stormed ideas and solutions, and even had time to set up and test some of the ideas.

It was time well worth spending, with many great outcomes and actions planned to road-map the future.”

– Wei Feng, Sea-All Dolphin Swims

“I was very fortunate to receive some fantastic one-on-one mentoring with James regarding my online presence. We talked about online marketing concepts in general, and he gave me invaluable tips re: the overall look, content and structure of my website. It is now much easier to navigate and is more ‘user friendly’.

James is a great teacher, very patient and he explains concepts and ideas clearly and concisely. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to improve their business promotion and marketing strategy.”

– Sue Roberts, Producer/Director, Luminessence Films

“The benefits of mentoring included discussion and troubleshooting of new ideas along with confirmation that we are moving in the right direction to increase our online presence. I found it particularly helpful to discuss website platform options. We also set up an initial PPC adwords campaign with a view to further increase sales on our website.

James provided simple, actionable steps to improve our SEO which provided an almost immediate result.”

– Diane Olsen, Marketing and Communications Manager, Conni

“I found the mentoring extremely helpful in the process of creating a new website for my business. I was shown ways to enhance traffic to the website that will lead to increase in customers to my business. The sessions allowed me to improve on the progress I had done myself and were helpful in getting the technical side up and running. With a new fresh website my business is more accessible.”

– Laura Thompson, A La Grecque

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