Facebook is one of the fastest growing advertising platforms today, which means that every day you spend waiting around to begin your advertising campaign is another day that the competition grows even more fierce.

It also means that every day you spend wasting money on a campaign that is either not converting or barely giving you an ROI is another day that your business is in trouble.

With Choc Chip Digital’s social media advertising experts, we’re able to build you a campaign from the ground up or convert your wasteful campaign into one that delivers a significant ROI for every dollar you spend.

Stop Wasting Your Facebook Advertising Budget

Facebook’s advertising platform is a unique beast, with hundreds of different variables at play — all of them affecting how much you’re spending per click, per lead, and per conversion.  If you get the targeting right, you’ll see a substantial ROI.

If you keep throwing money at a bad campaign, though, you’re going to end up frustrated, writing off Facebook as a viable advertising platform for your business.  That’s why we take a very specific, calculated approach to delivering amazing results on your Facebook ad campaigns.

Campaign Audit

Our work starts with an existing campaign audit.  We’ll look at the campaign that you’re already running and determine where you’re leaking your advertising dollars and areas that we can tighten the targeting to ensure your offers are a very specific match to your target market.

Campaign Planning

Then we’ll look forward to the future.  It’s not enough to have a campaign that converts on Facebook today, because the competition is growing at a rapid pace.  When your competition figures out that a strategy is working for you, they’re going to duplicate it.

By looking into the future with your campaign, we’ll spot new marketing opportunities and strategies, new ways to lower your costs per lead, and new target markets that we can match your offers to.

Campaign Implementation

Then the hard work begins.  Implementing the campaign we’ve laid out for you is a time intensive process and one that requires paying close attention to every detail.  If you get one detail wrong, you could be looking at the difference between a campaign that consistently loses money and one that delivers a massive ROI.


Once your campaign is off the ground and running full steam ahead, we begin work on converting more of the visitors that land on your sales pages into paying customers.  It’s no secret that it is impossible to convert every visitor into a sale on their first visit.  That’s where remarketing comes in.

When prospects land on your sales pages, they’ll enter into a list that allows us to track where they go online, showing your advertisements to them for less than your initial cost per click.  This gives you multiple opportunities to make the sale when they’re ready to buy.

Lowered Cost Per Lead

Maintaining vigilance is a requirement.  Every day that you’re not working on optimising your campaign is a day that your competitors are drawing closer in.  

We’ll put in the time and energy to make sure you’re not only staying ahead of your competition, but that you gradually decrease the amount you’re spending on every lead you capture.

Increased Conversions

The type of target matching we implement, coupled with the remarketing campaigns means that you’ll not only capture more leads, but that your offers will be specifically matched to your market, making it a no-brainer for them to purchase.

Conversions are the name of the game and the end result for every campaign.  Our results are measured on the cost per lead you see, and the amount of conversions you’re making.  When both are dialed in, the money you spend on Facebook will be an investment, instead of a liability.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

We’ve worked with clients around the world to turn their Facebook campaigns into winners.  Here’s what some of them have to say about working with us…

“During the mentoring session, James with his rich knowledge on web design, social media and online marketing, took us by the hand, answered all our questions, brain stormed ideas and solutions, and even had time to set up and test some of the ideas.

It was time well worth spending, with many great outcomes and actions planned to road-map the future.”

– Wei Feng, Sea-All Dolphin Swims

“I was very fortunate to receive some fantastic one-on-one mentoring with James regarding my online presence. We talked about online marketing concepts in general, and he gave me invaluable tips re: the overall look, content and structure of my website. It is now much easier to navigate and is more ‘user friendly’.

James is a great teacher, very patient and he explains concepts and ideas clearly and concisely. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to improve their business promotion and marketing strategy.”

– Sue Roberts, Producer/Director, Luminessence Films

“The benefits of mentoring included discussion and troubleshooting of new ideas along with confirmation that we are moving in the right direction to increase our online presence. I found it particularly helpful to discuss website platform options. We also set up an initial PPC adwords campaign with a view to further increase sales on our website.

James provided simple, actionable steps to improve our SEO which provided an almost immediate result.”

– Diane Olsen, Marketing and Communications Manager, Conni

“I found the mentoring extremely helpful in the process of creating a new website for my business. I was shown ways to enhance traffic to the website that will lead to increase in customers to my business. The sessions allowed me to improve on the progress I had done myself and were helpful in getting the technical side up and running. With a new fresh website my business is more accessible.”

– Laura Thompson, A La Grecque