Generation Play

Generation Play – Video Game Community

Generation Play is an online video game community with a singular purpose, to connect gamers all over the world, establishing new friendships.

Generation Play is a fun and dynamic video game community, built around the idea that video games are not only fun, but are a really great way to connect people socially. We have monthly events, regular chats, and a YouTube Channel that all Generation Play members are welcome to participate in. We encourage and accept all people, consoles, and gamers of any type and would love to see you at our next GenPlay event and connecting !

Still want to learn more? Hear it from the guys and girls from Generation Play themselves…

(1) YouTube content – Every Monday and Friday 9am Aus EST we release video game content through YouTube in the form of Let’s Plays, Gamescasts, Reviews, Challenges and Features  . You can view our YouTube content by visiting our YouTube Channel. If you like what we do we would love it you would support us by subscribing!

(2) Events – Once a month we host events in Sydney and Geelong. These events vary from LAN parties, movie nights, arcades hangouts, gaming bars nights, social events like bbqs, even mini-golf! Check out the Geelong and Sydney pages for more info on what’s happening.

(3) Local gaming businesses and societies.  love supporting local gaming businesses and community. We have strong ties to a number of cosplay societies, video game and pop culture stores and we often are invited to events where we promote the community and represent the Australian gaming scene.

(4) Hangingout. Really this is the best thing. When Generation Play started friendships developed quicker then even we anticipated. It wasn’t long before members we hanging out with each other through then own initiative. We think this is awesome, and a mark of success for us as a community.