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How to make use of your website

So you have a website for your business, that’s fantastic!  But is your website actually working for you? Is your website drawing in new visitors,  making sales and leading to inquiries? if not then you might not be using your website in the right way.

Here at Pixel Splash we see it every day. people spend a lot of money having a website designed yet once the website is finished it just sits there and collects dust. You see it’s not enough to simply have a website, you need to know how to USE your website.

What do I mean by this? Imagine that you have just read a fantastic novel and of course you want to share it with your friends. So what do you do? Do you put the book back on the shelf? No of course not! Rather you call up your friend and you tell them about this amazing book you just read. You describe it in detail, the wonderful plot, the twisting narrative the well constructed characters. You do your best to convince your friend why they should read this book. Furthermore, if you were really dedicated you would actually offered to give the book to your friend. The same is true for websites. It’s fantastic that you have a website but if you’re not telling people about it or sending people to your website then it’s just as useless as a book on the shelf.

The good news is that there are a number of ways that you can direct people to your website. One of the most successful ways is to pay for advertising. Whether this is through Google ads,  Facebook ads, magazine articles, SEO  or other advertising mediums most businesses find that this is the quickest and easiest way to get people to their website. The problem however is that most small businesses don’t have the marketing budget to support such an investment, which makes this form of advertising unaccessible. But if you and your business are in this category there is still hope.The answer of course is Facebook.

So here are some quick tips about how you can use Facebook to help drive clients to your website.

#1  Post regularly 

the frequency of how often you should post will be different for every business but as a general rule you should be posting at least 3 times a week.  What you post is up to you,  there are a number of strategies that you can employ.  You can share content from other Facebook pages,  you can write your own content,  you can advertise competitions  or even just share your thoughts.

#2  Link your website blog posts to your Facebook posts

If you are writing blog posts on your website as a way to draw in new clients then you want the reach of those posts to be as wide as possible. It’s strange but a lot of people forget to actually share their blog post on their Facebook pages as well as posting them on their site. So make sure the next time you write a blog post share it on your social media.

#3 Make sure your Facebook posts link to your website 

This is another strange one, but you’d be amazing how often we see it. A lot of people write Facebook posts but never link these posts to their website. Just as you need to post your websites blog posts on facebook, you should be doing the same back to your website. Whenever to write a post on Facebook link it back to your website. Don’t just mention your website either, actually use a hyperlink. Or better yet link the image in the post. Your Facebook page should be a portal to your website, part of your the marketing funnel. Research shows that you don’t make conversions on Facebook rather Facebook is used as a tool to get people to your website. So if your posts on Facebook do not physically link to your website then it’s not serving its primary purpose.

That’s 3 quick and simple tips on how you can use Facebook as a means of getting people to your website.  If you have found this article interesting why not share it with a friend.  Don’t left your website become a dusty book on a bookshelf. Rather get active in promoting your website so that your business can grow!

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