Choc Chip Digital is a web design and digital marketing agency empowering smart professionals to be more effective online, with less effort. James Crook founded Choc Chip over 10 years ago, and works with hundreds of business owners and managers each year through mentoring, consultation and training events.

There is great power at the intersection of technology and people. The internet has changed how we communicate and is currently rewriting how we do business.

The people who position themselves to benefit in these times of change will reap massive rewards.

Our vision is to see business people taking this opportunity to become more successful online, to earn more, to compete on an even playing field with larger, more sophisticated businesses, and most importantly – to do it quickly and easily!

Contact us today and let us know what it is you’re struggling with online. We’ll be able to help.

That’s why we have a reputation for empowering smart people to make an impact online – our clients feel more confident of their success with every new enquiry they receive.

James Crook

James Crook

Founder and Web Consultant

17 Reasons to work with Choc Chip Digital

  • Broad experience

    We help 100s of business people each year to get more clients online

  • Here for the long term

    We’ve been operating since 2003 (and in the digital world, that’s a long time)

  • Aces are in their places

    Currently a team of 6 permanent staff plus regular talented contractors for specialist skills

  • Support

    We provide phone and email support for all clients

  • Education

    We believe education improves the community, and run training events for small businesses and corporate teams

  • Presentations

    Our director James presents at many business events each year

  • World citizens

    We support micro-businesses in developing countries through, and we sponsor through World Vision in India

  • Local community

    We do local community fundraising: Geelong Children’s Hospital in Run Geelong, men’s health in Movember, and RSPCA through Million Paws Walk (and others ad hoc!)

  • We give our skills too

    We support local charities and non-profits by donating our services

  • Guarantee

    We provide a warranty with support for two months on all projects

  • Outcome focus

    We base our projects on the goals you define during the consultation phase

  • We hire the best

    We employ talent locally and remotely

  • Health conscious

    We promote a healthy and enjoyable workplace with a table tennis table and communal fruit bowl

  • Training provided

    We offer video training with all new websites

  • Speedy hardware

    Our primary hosting servers are based in Australia for reliable speed and service

  • Open Source believers

    Sites are built on Open Source technology so there’s no ongoing software fees or vendor lock-in

  • Mobile ready

    All sites are fully responsive and mobile-friendly

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