What Will A Great Website Do For You?

In short – a great website will make your business perform better.

Your website can:

  • Lead new clients to your door
  • Increase sales
  • Extend your brand reach and recognition
  • Decrease customer service time
  • Become a "hub" for communication and social media

A complete website design package gives small and medium businesses a fixed-price solution to make the most of online opportunities.

But a website itself is often not the only thing you need - you need to make sure your site cuts through the noise and clutter online and connects with your audience. That's why we give you the advice and strategy you need to attract more clients and generate enquiries. It's about your business goals, not just pretty pictures.

Mobile Friendly design

Mobile friendly website

All our package websites are mobile-friendly "responsive" designs.

This means that your site will seamlessly re-arrange and resize itself to fit the size of the device it is being view on. So no more squinting or "pinching" to see your website properly on small devices.

With over 50% of traffic to many websites coming form mobile devices, if it's not mobile-friendly you're blocking potential enquiries from getting any closer to you.

Edit it yourself

Each website comes with an admin login and password which enables you to easily edit the content, add new pages images and links as often as you like.

Our Content Management System (CMS) websites are built using a backend that is flexible, fast and easy to use. Technically, we use either WordPress or Drupal to create our sites, depending on what is needed. You don't need to care about the technical stuff though - simply jump in and start easily adding and editing your content to keep it up to date and engaging.

Ecommerce website design

Online sales and ecommerce have forever changed the way we buy. They have also created a huge opportunity for savvy salespeople and suppliers who can now reach around the world to sell products and services to a niche of clients in virtually any geographic area.

Your site can include a full-featured e-commerce store for selling online. This can include secure credit card payments, paypal, stock control, sales reports, automatic delivery of downloadable products and more.

And just like the main content of your site, the product listing pages are easy to edit so you can change prices or update a photo any time you like.

Your Mothership Website

Your website is your single most important marketing asset, and setting yours up for maximum impact is the first step to online success.

Your site is the primary place people discover you, and where they go to find out more about you. It is where they’ll see your services and make the decision to get in touch. The campaigns you run in social media, advertising and email will all lead people back to your website.

Think of your website as the "mothership" of your online activities – it’s where the main action happens. The other promotions, such as social media and advertising, are then like scout boats that get sent out from the mothership to explore the land and bring back interested natives. The pieces of content you produce are like beacons guiding people back to the mothership.
So it’s vital you get your website right.

Goals and Audience

In getting your website working best for you, you need to consider the two main concepts that underpin every other decision: your goals and your audience. These inform the visual design, content and functionality of your site.

A website is almost always an important step in the marketing and sales process, but exactly how it’s used depends on what strategy you have set up.
I have had people tell me they rely on word of mouth or referrals rather than inbound marketing, and these people may say that a website is not important for them. However, even in these cases, in the modern world people are likely to investigate your website to validate the referral they’ve been given and to contact you. So your site is still a critically important asset.

For a simple inbound marketing strategy to work effectively, your website has three main goals. It needs to:

  • Establish your authority
  • Give you a place to publish
  • Convert visitors to leads (by getting their name and contact details).

These three overarching goals lead to several practical items you need to get right when establishing your website:

  • Make the right impression with a good design that supports your brand
  • Build trust and position yourself with your central message
  • Be found in search engines by your target market
  • Provide landing pages that convert traffic from promotional campaigns
  • Use incentives to get the contact details of potential clients.

The most effective websites are easy to use for visitors and, indeed, may look deceptively. But producing a great site that meets your goals like this can be a relatively complex project and many factors need to be considered.

Get the good stuff

We build awesome websites. But more than that - we guide you on what marketing strategy will work for you so that your site gives you a high value business result.

Give us a call or use the enquiry form on the side above and we'll be happy to help.

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