'SEO' (Search Engine Optimisation) is the practice of making your site appear in search engines like Google, while the broader term 'Internet Marketing'  also encompasses online advertising, social media profiles, email newsletters and more.

Digital Marketing is more than just SEO

A solid content strategy means planning for the creation, publication and ongoing review of your content to ensure it is useful and relevant to people and easily found by search engines.

Services Include:

  • Making your site appear in Google
  • Key words optimisation
  • Content strategy
  • Online advertising
  • Social networking: Facebook, Twitter, more
  • Search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing

Digital Marketing and SEO

Marketing on the internet is about more than simply SEO and appearing in search results. Your success is measured by how many sales or calls you receive, not by the raw traffic numbers.

A true digital marketing campaign drives visitors and sales by working with social media, video, banner advertising, email newsletters, PR articles, mobile phone apps and other forms of promotion online.


Social Media Campaigns

The internet is used for social networking more than any other purpose, so a campaign that includes managing your reputation in social media is a must.

Do you know what people are saying to each other about you? We can deliver a plan to influence the common perception of your brand and create customer loyalty.


Content Strategy

Content is the single most important thing your site can offer to attract and keep visitors.

We plan for the creation and publication of your content and optimise your written copy using experienced technical and journalistic staff. We also investigate your html code and information architecture to make sure people (and Google) easily find what is most relevant.

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