Gratification just got even faster with Google Instant

Just when you thought Google couldn’t get any faster, today in the US Google unveiled a new search feature called Google Instant, which allows your search results to change in real-time as you type.

Google Instant will deliver faster, dynamic results using a predictive search format to help users find what they are looking for.

If you’ve got a relatively recent browser you can sign into your Google account and install Google Instant Search to your search results page. Go to the “About Google Instant” page and click on the “Try It Now” button to do this.

Will Google Instant change our SEO techniques?

Matt Cutts from Google says:

“I think over time it might. The search results will remain the same for a query, but it’s possible that people will learn to search differently over time.

For example, I was recently researching a congressperson. With Google Instant, it was more visible to me that this congressperson had proposed an energy plan, so I refined my search to learn more, and quickly found myself reading a post on the congressperson’s blog that had been on page 2 of the search results.”

Check out this video to find out more.


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